Product Description

Computing Technology And Behavioural Research: An Integrated Approach

ISBN: 9988-0-0091-x

This book discusses the conceptual and method logical issues in social science research. It addresses the practical problems which students face when they are asked to carry out a research of a social science nature. A unique feature of the book is the perfect integration of Computing technology and Research Methodological Framework (with established links) in one Volume. The book further recognizes that science has been responsible for the most significant changes that have been manifested in many developed and developing countries of the world. The body of trained experts knows as scientists tend therefore to engender a sense of confidence that societal problems can be researched into and workable prescriptions for their solution worked out. Specifically, this book is written for all professionals who are interested in carrying out basic research activities and for the university undergraduate and postgraduate students who are to complete theses before graduating. However, the book will equally be useful to all users of computer.