Product Description

Emerging Industrial Innovation Strategies

ISBN 978-35424-5-7

Operationally, Industrialization may be seen as the process of transforming raw materials ( with the aid of human resources and capital goods) into consumer goods or new capital goods which emits more consumer goods to be produces with the same human resources as well as social over head capital together with human resources provides new services to both individuals and business. In this context, sustainable competitive may be regarded as the set of institutions, policies and factors that make a nation remain productive over the longer term while ensuring social and environmental sustainability. Although competitiveness can be equated with productivity and economic performance, sustainable competitive (goes beyond economic well-being to) include other important element that render societies sustainably prosperous by ensuring high –quality growth. Critically, the emerging concept aims to gauge not only whether a country has the potential to grow over the medium and long term; but whether the national development process is producing the kind of society in which the national development process is producing the kind of society in which we want to live. In other word, competitiveness is a necessary nut not for social sustainability as well as environment sustainability measures of competitiveness of the African Economies in the 21st century and beyond. Essentially, this book offers a comprehensive view of innovation policy that is intended for student of Engineering, Business Administration, Economics, accounting and finance, social sciences and humanities. It is an equally study and reference tool for executives in all functional areas as well as producers of all kinds. In fact, it is the policy maker’s tool kit for industrial stake holders.