The bureau shall engage the services of a number of expert staff: analysts, documentalists, statisticians and computer professionals. In addition to its operational staff, a wide range of fellows and associated will collaborate with it in the achievement of its objectives.

Fellows shall be senior researcher who will be employed on specific projects in the bureau for a determinable time. They may be full time or part time. Associate fellows shall be senior researchers who have indicated interest in working with the bureau and participating in the programming and brainstorming activities engaged in the execution of particular projects in the bureau. Also research associates shall be researchers who are engaged in projects sponsored by the bureau who, however, are not based in the bureau but have access to its facilities.

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The Director

Prof . Godwin Chukwudum Nwaobi was born in the year 1966 to a Christain religious family of Osumenyi town of Anambra State, Nigeria. He is about six feet in height and dark complexioned. On the completion of pre-primary, primary and advanced level education, proceeded to the universities to obtain various degrees. Since graduation, He has been lecturing, researching and publishing in various universities in the world.

Professor Godwin Chukwudum Nwaobi is a world renowned economist and distinguished African scholar. He is member of the Advisory Council of the Global Financial Forum, Switzerland and a visiting professor of Economics (econometrics) at Bingham University, Abuja , Nigeria. He is an alumnus of University of Warwick, University of Ibadan and University of Nigeria. A prolific writer, Prof. Nwaobi has several books and numerous research articles published in books and reputable journals (electronically), with research interests in computational economics, macro econometrics and Mathematical economics.

He is also considered as one of the best two hundred young economists in the world. In 2012, Prof Nwaobi was one of the world (African) sponsored delegates at the German organized seventh annual e-learning Africa Conference. His most recent book is entitled “Modern Econometric Modeling For Developing Economies’ III”. His recent positions include Professor of Economics and Head of Department of Economics, Kogi State, Nigeria, West Africa.

Currently, he is the Research Director of Quantitative Economic Research Bureau, Nigeria West Africa. This bureau is composed of four integrated centres: Center for Economic Model Building (CEMB), Centre for Financial Engineering (CFE), Centre for Industrial Innovations (CII) and Global Data Learning Centre (GLCDC)

His life goal has been to serve as the policy conscience of the African continent in the development process and to be an independent think thank dedicated to the promotion of national development by offering prescriptions based on hard(empirically)derived facts.