To promote serious discussion of policy issues among a responsible cross section of the population and to publish and disseeminate research output to the various professional economists and policymakers in the world.


The aim of the organisation is to serve as the policy conscience of the continent in the development process. Its thrust is to be an independent think-tank, dedicated to the promotion of national development by offering prescriptions based on hard, empirically derived facts. The organisation will seek a better mechanism for articulating, aggregating and aligning the interests of the diverse actors, particularly those of the private sector and other major institutions of civil society with those of government.

Thus, the bureau serves as a bridge between the government, the private sector, the universities and the civil society. Using effectively its dedication to pragmatic policy research and efficient development management, it strives to promote the emergence in the country of a strong coalition of forces committed to the rapid development of all nations.


Objectives of QUANTERB

The broad objectives of the Quantitative Economic Research Bureau are thus: