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The Knowledge Economics: Trends And Perspectives


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The Knowledge Economics: Trends And Perspectives

ISBN: 978-044-800-4

The motivation behind this book can be found in the QUANTERB vision statement: “whereas a corrupt nation is a poor nation and a corrupt continent is a poor continent; support the knowledge, information and communication technologies (KICTS) so as to eradicate ignorance (corruption), inequality (poverty), and un-sustainability (disintegration); while promoting localization and globalization in the world.” Indeed, the parameters of the universe from the basic building blocks of matters and life to the origins of the cosmos, had been discovered, and only the details remained to be filled in. science has reached its limits. Even the limitations on our ability to know have now been demonstrated mathematically. We will therefore never completely understand phenomena which remain unexplained, such as human consciousness, and we will never be able to accurately calculate the long term consequences of our investigations into nature. The goal of both the renaissance and the enlightenment, to discover as all encompassing “truth”, is retreating into the unattainable distance even as our daily lives are now dominated by the fruits of scientific achievement from vaccines and genetically manipulated crops to satellite mobile telephones and computers. The elite amongst researchers are already predicting the end of science as we know it. But, is this possible given the knowledge revolution?


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